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What is AskUp?

AskUp is an educational tool to help you make sense and remember material you learn in class, at home, or in the hospital. It uses evidence-based principles to improve your learning.

What to do?

After any educational event—a lecture, a reading, a patient encounter, a video-generate your own question and answer. Periodically, test yourself on these questions to make sure you remember the material. If your classmates also create questions on AskUp, quiz yourself on their questions as well.

Why does it work?

Self-testing has been shown to be one of the most effective learning strategies. Generating questions will require you to recall information, identify the main points, reflect on how it relates to things you’ve previously learned, and generate your own answer—powerful techniques for learning!

"AskUp is a revolutionary educational tool to enhance learning. It empowers learners to create their own questions and answers, employing techniques that have been shown to improve learning and retention."

Jonathan S. Hausmann, MD



AskUp is a joint venture between investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) and engineers in the Teaching and Learning Technologies (TLT) program at Harvard University. Our project was awarded a Spark Grant from the Harvard Initiative for Teaching & Learning (HILT).

Find out More

To learn more about the educational strategies used in this app, including question-generation, spaced repetition, and testing, check out the book Make it Stick by Peter C. Brown.  

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